What the chuff?

There aren’t many Web2/3 crossovers out there created by just one person, so I’m going to use the lack of “we”, “us” and “our” to speak to you directly. It felt kind of pretentious to write about myself in the third person, anyway!

I'm Chris, an introverted British dude born in the 80's, raised on 90's television, and forged in 2000's hardcore punk and heavy metal. I haven't worked for any cool startups, I’m not famous on social media or Youtube, and I don’t even have that many mates. I am for all intents and purposes a Mugg, albeit quite a creative one.

I started Muggly Bunch during the pandemic to salve my mental health and stave off the boredom of Lockdown 2020. At first, my goal was to build a cartoon character creator that people could use to make their own Muggs for free or buy personalised coffee mugs and gifts in my shop, but the ideas flourished into much bigger dreams.

During the process of designing the 300+ features that every Mugg is made from, I felt genuinely inspired and made constant notes for short stories and fresh ideas, some of which set in motion a webcomic I started in January 2021. The rest laid the foundations of the roadmap I had always seen but hadn’t understood until discovering NFTs later that year.

Muggly Bunch continues to develop into a rich multiverse replete with references to the music and movies that inspired me growing up and still, story arcs that venture deep into the realm of science fiction, and a growing brand unlike anything that has come before it. I mean that, and I would love for you to join me on this journey!